Butter'd Bodycare is a body care company that bridges the gap between our skin barrier and the environment. We do this through creating non-toxic, recyclable body care products and environmental advocacy.



We believe in improving the overall wellness of our community. Butter'd Bodycare is donating 1% of full sized products (excluding samples/free items) product sales to Black Women for Wellness. This organization advocates for Environmental Justice, Mental Health and much more. Black Women For Wellness is committed to healing, supporting and educating black women and girls through health education, empowerment and advocacy. Learn more about them at www.bwwla.org. 




I've had various skin conditions! From numerous doctor visits and to buying tons of products, nothing worked until I started making products for myself. In college, I unknowingly started a business because I wanted to share my products with my community. ❤️

It wasn't until I started the business when I realized the beauty industry's obsession with plastic. I didn't want to compromise consciousness in the name of self care. So, I founded Butter'd Bodycare to not only cater to skin, but creating a brand that cares about you, the planet and community. We create 100% non-toxic products that are mindful and impactful.